About us

We are an yurt producer located in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. We supply yurts to the Mongolian domestic market, and export our original Mongolian yurts to the USA.  Unlike the other sellers of the Mongolian yurts in the U.S and Europe, we are the producer and seller of this beautiful product. By directly communicating to the producer, our customers get multiple of advantages including opportunity make customized orders, being able to track their yurt to the producer, paying fair prices without intermediary and truly supporting local communities.

We are proud to state that the yurts we sell are the best quality available in Mongolia.  Our carpenters are the best in Mongolia in yurt crafting. We have supplied yurts to Mongolian government agencies, foreign customers and tourist camps all over the country. A yurt made by us can be found on the grounds of the Mongolian Government Palace, where it is used for state ceremonial events.