Why Buy from Us?

1. Unlike most of the re-sellers of Mongolian Gers (yurts) in Europe and America, we are producer of this beautiful product. Therefore, we know where every single part of our yurts come from, and can guarantee quality of our products.

2. Some of foreign-owned yurt producers claim to know Mongolian gers better than Mongolians. They criticize the way of yurt (ger) producing in Mongolia, which is a craft with thousands of years of tradition. Yet, they make profit by selling essentially the same product. In contrast, we follow the time-honored tradition of yurt making, while seeking improvement by applying latest advances in technology, material and design.

3. We are a business owned by Mongolians. As a result, all profits from the business stay and re-invested in Mongolia, which is a low-income country. The same cannot be said in case of other foreign-owned yurt producers.