Yurt Prices

Prices for our standard yurts (painted with traditional Mongolian patterns, no windows, outer cover Design #1).

Prices quoted below are at Port of Long Beach, California, USA.  Transportation within the U.S is not included. Please contact us for non-US prices.

Number of Wall PanelsDiameterFloor AreaPrice, US$
Above 20 wall panelsPlease contact us.
2 wall panels9' (2.7m)64 sq.ft (5.9 sq.m)$2,600
3 wall panels12' (3.7m)113 sq.ft (10.5 sq.m)$3,300
4 wall panels16' (4.9m)201 sq.ft (18.7 sq.m)$6,000
5 wall panels19' (5.8m)283 sq.ft (26.3 sq.m)$7,500
6 wall panels21' (6.4m)346 sq.ft (32.1 sq.m)$8,500
7 wall panels26' (7.9m)531 sq.ft (49.3 sq.m)$13,900
8 wall panels30' (9.1m)706 sq.ft (65.6 sq.m)$17,000
10 wall panels36' (11m)1017 sq.ft (94.5 sq.m)$22,100
12 wall panels44' (13.4m)1520 sq.ft (141.2 sq.m)$26,300
20 wall panels59' (18m)2733 sq.ft (253.9 sq.m)$38,500