Yurt Prices

Prices for our standard yurts (painted with traditional Mongolian patterns, no windows, standard exterior cover (S2).

Prices quoted below are at Port of Long Beach, California, USA.  Transportation within the U.S is not included. Please contact us for non-US prices.

Number of Wall PanelsDiameterFloor AreaPrice, US$
Above 12 wall panelsPlease contact us.
2 wall panels9' (2.8m)66 sq.ft (6.2 sq.m)$2,600
3 wall panels12' (3.8m)122 sq.ft (11.3 sq.m)$3,300
4 wall panels16' (4.8m)195 sq.ft (18.1 sq.m)$6,000
5 wall panels19' (5.8m)284 sq.ft (26.4 sq.m)$7,500
6 wall panels21' (6.4m)346 sq.ft (32.2 sq.m)$8,500
7 wall panels26' (8.0m)531 sq.ft (50.2 sq.m)$13,900
8 wall panels28' (8.8m)654 sq.ft (60.8 sq.m)$17,000
10 wall panels36' (11m)1022 sq.ft (95.0 sq.m)$22,100
12 wall panels44' (13.5m)1540 sq.ft (143.1 sq.m)$26,300