Yurt Types

Mongolian yurts can be placed into two categories with regard to the degree of craftsmanship with which their wooden frames are made:

a.Painted yurts
b.Carved yurts

Painted yurts: The rafters, crown, door, and central columns (pillars) of this yurt are painted with traditional decorative patterns. Decorative yurts come in a variety of sizes, which are determined by the number of folding wall segments used in their construction. Yurts of two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, ten, twelve and twenty wall segments are available; while yurts with more than twenty wall segments can be made to order. Please check here for details on yurt sizes and here for prices.

Painted yurt photos (click on a photo to start the album)


Carved yurts: The rafters, crown, door, and central columns (pillars) of this yurt are carved with traditional decorative patterns. As the carving involves painstakingly detailed work, and requires a high level of  craftsmanship and experience, carved yurts are more expensive than painted yurts. In Mongolia,  carved yurts are used mainly for ceremonial events. Unlike the machine-carved yurts supplied by other producers, our carved yurts are hand produced by some of the most skilled of Mongolian carpenters working in an ancient tradition. Carved yurts can be produced in sizes of five, six, eight, ten and twelve wall segments. Speficic measurements for each sizes can be found on this page. Please contact us with your intended use and preferred size for quotes on carved yurts. In general, carved yurts are priced 30% – 50% higher than the painted yurts.

Carved Yurt photos (click on a photo to start the album)