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Receiving Orders for our 2021 U.S. Shipment

Order Early and Save Big

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Yurt Furniture

We offer furniture decorated in traditional Mongolian patterns only to customers buying yurts from us. We do not sell furniture seperately. The following is the list of furniture we offer as an optional part of a yurt order.  

Yurt Furniture 1
Chest: USD 500
Yurt Furniture 2
Closet: USD 600
Yurt Furniture 3
Table: USD 500
Yurt Furniture 4
A set of 4 stools: USD 320

Order Early & Save Big

As yurts are shipped from Mongolia, it takes several months until they are delivered to you.  To compensate for the long wait time, we offer big discounts for early orders.

The amount of savings ranges from hundreds to thousands depending on how early you order.

  Only a 10% advance payment is required for early orders. What’s more, you can fully customize your yurt by placing an early order.

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