Value for Money

  1. You may find prices that are lower than ours, but please note that all Mongolian yurts are NOT created equally. There are lots of poor quality yurts produced for lower segments of the local market in Mongolia, and somehow found their ways out of Mongolia.  Similarly, if the yurt offered elsewhere is priced similar to ours, that does not necessarily mean that their quality matches ours. All other sellers of Mongolian yurts are essentially the middlemen buying low quality yurts cheap in Mongolia, and selling outside Mongolia at big margin. We are the producer in Mongolia who produces only for export markets, and sells to the world without using any intermediary. We guarantee the best value for money for the product quality and design features we offer.
  2.  As we are the producer of the yurt, we are able to accommodate custom orders, and offer significant discounts depending on the size of the order.
  3. As our yurts are exported from Mongolia, we will not charge any value-added tax. Next, if you buy the yurt that is already in our stock in your country, the price we offer would be inclusive of customs taxes duties. Therefore, the final price you agreed with us would be the FINAL price, without any taxes and hidden fees. This makes significant differences especially if you are comparing us against the yurt producers located in your country.