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About Yurts

What is a yurt?

A yurt is a round-shaped home that originated from nomads in Mongolia and other parts of Central Asia. In Mongolia, the yurt is called “ger” [gher].  In modern days, there are two main types of yurts.

First type includes essentially the same yurt that have been used by Mongolian nomads thousands of years. These traditional yurts are portable, eco-friendly (with zero foot print on earth) and made of all natural products such as wood, sheep wool felt and cotton. Traditional Mongolian yurts have lots of characters, and are great for anyone who wants to feel closer to mother Earth.  They also have lots of practical uses such as guest house, extra bedroom, permanent home and storage. We, Ashid Ger, are producer and worldwide supplier of these traditional yurts in their original forms, or their variations for different purposes.

Second type includes so called modern yurts, which are produced mainly by companies in the U.S. The modern yurts take the concept of yurt structure from Mongolian yurts. But they are very different from traditional Mongolian yurts in other aspects. They are hardly portable, use lots of synthetics, and has the feeling of “manufactured” structures.  See here comparisons of Mongolian and modern yurts.