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Yurt, or, Ger  (pronounced “Gher”) also means “home” in the Mongolian language.  We welcome you to this beautiful structure that has been home to nomads in Central Asia for thousands of years. Home is where the yurt is for nomads. 

Yurts have become one of the popular choices for people seeking affordable accomodation, pursuing off-grid, minimalist lifestyle or running glamping and B&B businesses around the World. 

Original Yurts are made by multi-generational maker of finest-quality yurts based in Mongolia. We offer yurts for sale in 6 sizes and 4 models with various customization options. 

We send regular shipments to the U.S., Australia and Europe, and ship to other countries on demand.  Up to 20% discounts are available for early orders for the regular shipments. We may have a yurt for sale in stock in these countries. 

Our yurts are packed with unparalleled features.  We offer you the best value for your money the great material and features that are available  from none of the other yurt makers

The word “yurt” has come to refer to many types of structures. But Mongolia is the birthplace of yurts, and we are best positioned to offer our customers high-quality yurts created by the millennia-old tradition of yurt crafting. We have made important improvements in our yurts so that they function well in different climate conditions worldwide.   

Our yurts are supplied worldwide without using any intermediaries. We are the only company making yurts in our own workshop in Mongolia and selling worldwide directly. All other sellers of Mongolian yurts are intermediaries; they buy low-quality yurts from local producers in Mongolia made for the local market and sell at a big margin. There is a big difference in quality between our yurts and other Mongolian yurts.  Please check here to see why buying a yurt from us would provide the best value for your money.

We aim to provide on our website all the information you need to make your decision to buy a yurt by comparing our yurts with others and learning about the pros and cons.  Please explore our website, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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We are the ONLY company in Mongolia making yurts and delivering to customers without middlemen.

We offer unbeatable value for money with yurts full of great features available nowhere else. 

When you buy from us, you get the value for money, not the middlemen

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What is an Original Yurt ?

Original Yurts are traditional-style yurts improved to function well in various climatic conditions outside of Mongolia.

Traditional Mongolian yurts are elegant in their simplicity. Made with natural materials and designed to be easy to assemble, they are well-suited to the nomadic lifestyle of moving several times a year.   

Yurts were born to the Mongolian climate, which has relatively dry summers and extremely cold winters. Hence, moisture is not a big issue for traditional yurts. Their compact design with short walls reduces energy requirements for heating during the winter.

But modern customers do not need to move several times a year;  they prefer their yurts to be sturdy than portable.  Not many countries are as cold as Mongolia in the winter; so walls could be slightly taller for convenience.  Moisture is often a problem when traditional yurts are used outside of Mongolia.

We improved the traditional yurt design with sturdier wood parts, better ventilation, taller walls, waterproof design and the use of carefully chosen materials to withstand the elements when used all-year-around anywhere in the world. 

At the same time, we retain the time-tested, original structural design of the yurts, with curved walls, support pillars, and a large skylight. They support the yurts stand strong under  heavy snow load ,  allows for  abundant natural light through the skylight, and makes  the use of thick felt for insulation possible. 

Today, the word “yurt” refers to many kinds of round-shaped structures. Our yurts stand out in the crowd by maintaining the original structural design and not making compromises in use of materials that make the yurts truly time-tested, unique living space. 

Why Choose Us ?

Almost all yurt sellers claim that they have the highest quality yurts, but they don’t substantiate their claims.  In fact, none of them can match the great features that come as standard in our yurts without any additional charges.  Most of these features are not available from other sellers, or, they require additional charges if available. Don’t make the purchase decision without checking if the yurt you would like to buy has all of the features that Original Yurts have. Below we compare some of the main features Original Yurts have against other yurts. In doing so, we do not intend to degrade others; the goal is to provide the customers with the necessary information to make the choices best for them.  

Direct from the Maker, no profit to intermediaries

All other sellers of Mongolian yurts are intermediaries,  they buy cheap yurts in Mongolia and resell them to you at a huge margin. When you buy from us, you get unbeatable value for your money that comes from better materials and higher quality instead of paying for profit to the intermediaries.  The differences in quality may not be noticeable when the yurts are new, but the poor quality yurts sold by the intermediaries deteriorate just in 1-3 years. So make sure you get references from someone who used their yurts at least for a few years.  

Wood parts in Original Yurts are 50-100% thicker than in other Mongolian Yurts.

Photo Below: Comparison of skylight base thickness as an example.

Skylight base thickness

Original Yurts have two layers of felt stitched together to improve insulation by creating a vacuum in between the layers. The felts are thoroughly washed and sterilized and do not emit unpleasant odor. 

Other Mongolian yurts mostly use so-called “black” felt, which indicates they are made of wool that is not washed properly and much cheaper than the felt we use.  The “black” felts emit very unpleasant odors when used in a humid environment. 

So-called modern yurts do not have felt insulation at all. As such, they are very poorly insulated from heat/cold as well as outside noise. As documented in various books and forums/ groups for people living in yurts, modern yurt dwellers need to use earplugs to keep calm when it is raining, and they watch TV only with the subtitles on as they can’t hear the sound.    

Photo below: Comparison of felts in Original Yurts and other Mongolian yurts.

Felt comparison

The skylight in the Mongolian yurts is large, allowing plenty of natural light. There are various ways to waterproof the skylight. In Mongolia, skylights are always open and people use skylight cover or “urkh” every time it rains.

Most of the sellers of the Mongolian yurt resort to covering the skylight with cheap clear vinyl, which completely blocks airflow through the skylight.

The skylight or, “toono” in the Original Yurts is fully covered with thick transparent cast acrylic making the skylight fully waterproof while still allowing ventilation through dedicated openings.  Again, this is at no extra cost. Some other sellers offer full acrylic skylight (but still not waterproof) as optional and charge $1500+ for an average yurt. 

Photo Below: Comparison of skylight finish

Acrylic skylight comparison

There is a trade-off between keeping the yurt breathable and having a good outer cover. The outer cover made of natural material help keep the yurt breathable, but they do not hold up well when exposed to the elements.  All other Mongolian yurt sellers have thin cotton fabric outer cover that quickly gets dirty and moldy and tears down in 1-2 years (photo).  

Original Yurts have PVC outer covers that last 10+ years. While PVC covers are not breathable, Original Yurts have operable windows and skylight openings for air circulation to let the moisture out.   

Reflective insulation, or radiant barrier insulation, reflects the heat both ways and helps keep the yurt cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. 

Reflective insulation is the main insulation in modern yurts as they do not have felt.  None of the other Mongolian yurt sellers have reflective insulation.

We are the only company that offers both felt and reflective insulations, providing unbeatable insulation properties. 

Check here for an 8-second video showing how “reflective” the insulation is.  

Windows in Original Yurts are operable; they can be opened and closed for air circulation. This is not the case for any of the other sellers of Mongolian yurts. 

Most of the modern yurts have vinyl windows. The cost of adding a real window to a modern yurt can be quite high.

Photos below: Comparison of windows in Original and other yurts

Window comparison

Original Yurts are 100% made with wood dried in our own kiln exceeding the ISPM 15 compliance requirements (for disinfestation). Some of the yurts made in Mongolia are made of wood not dried properly there will be all sorts of problems because of this.

We import the exterior-grade Titebond III Ultimate to use in the Original Yurts. Producers of yurts sold by other Mongolian yurt sellers use locally procured interior-use glue. 

We recommend and offer water-based acrylic paint for outside, which are the most durable and easy to restore.  Most other yurts made in Mongolia are painted with oil-based paints. It is not common practice to apply primer in Mongolia. Paint on these yurts peel off in 2-3 years.

The hinges, locks, handles and  other materials we use in Original yurts are of much higher quality than in yurts from other suppliers from Mongolia.  

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What people say about Originial Mongolian Yurts?

I'm really happy that I purchased from Original Yurts. I made the decision after I visited their workshop in Zavkhan during a horseback riding trip in Mongolia. The quality of the yurt is incredible, every details are well thought of. Very easy to communicate, and purchase experience was great.
Sandra Herrick
Oregon, USA
We’ve set up our yurt, so far so good. What beautiful work! Thank you so much for this beautiful home!
Joanna Vinton
Vermont, USA
I just finished building yurt number two, and did an oversized platform this time with 4 ft deck in the front for seating. Will be furnishing it this weekend and it should be starting to rent by next week! The first one started renting on June 1st and it's been booked almost every weekend since.
Jason Lee
California, USA
What a beautiful yurt! It is well constructed, it was packaged extremely well, and Amara is a great communicator. My timing was poor for when I ordered it and when I put it up. It was housed in a barn for a year and then it laid outside for several months just covered by tarps, but as you can see, it was still in great condition! This is a testament to it's being well packaged. I'm very happy with Original Yurts and I thank Amara for all her help and patience with me.
Stacey Bogart
North Carolina, USA