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Yurt, or, Ger  (pronounced “Gher”) also means “home” in Mongolian language.  We welcome you to one of the world’s most practically and attractively designed habitations. The Mongolian yurt, or Ger as it is known in Mongolia itself, has been used for thousands of years by the nomads of Central Asia. Mongolian yurts (ger) are attracting interest from people in many parts of the world as an ecologically friendly and attractive living space that can be used for a variety of purposes. 

We are producer of this beautiful structure, located in Mongolia. We supply our products worldwide without using any intermediaries, and we are the only company doing this in Mongolia. All other sellers of Mongolian yurts are intermediaries; they do not produce in Mongolia, they buy low quality yurts from local producers and sell at big margin.  Please check here to see why we are different,  why our products are of the best quality. 

We have a broad choice of Mongolian yurts for sale. All of our yurts (gers)  are  hand-crafted and can be modified to suit the customer’s needs.  Yurts in several models are available in stock in the USA, and available for pre-order in other countries. Please explore our website, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  

What people are saying about Original Yurts?

A Ger (Yurt) in the Central Square of Mongolian Capital Ulaanbaatar city
Ger in Mongolian Countrside
A Ger (Yurt) in Mongolian Countryside

What can you use the yurt for?

living space

Yurt is one of the best choices for off-the-grid living, and for those preferring minimalist lifestyle with low footprints on Earth.  

business_place 470X380
business place & classroom

Yurts are used in Mongolia and elsewhere for various purposes such restaurant, wedding venue, classroom, meeting room and shops


One of the common uses of Mongolian yurts is to use them as bed and breakfast rentals and guest room. A yurt can fit 1-8 beds depending on the size.