Original Mongolian Yurts

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  • Receiving orders for the Spring 2023 shipments to the U.S (more…)
  • Only 1 yurt (5.8m M2 model) remaining available for order on the shipment to Australia (contact us)

How to Pay?

Thank you so much for choosing our products!

Early orders can be placed with a 10% deposit, and the balance is due before we ship the yurts from Mongolia.  If you are buying a yurt that is already in stock your country, a full payment is required before shipment. There are three methods to pay:

Method 1: Wire transfer to our bank account in Mongolia. We will send you the account information and transfer instructions. No sales taxes will be charged in this case.

Method 2: Make a deposit or wire transfer to our bank of our US subsidiary. We will send you the account information. Sales taxes of 10-12% will be charged.

Method 3: Pay through PayPal. Please click the “PayPal” button here after typing in your name and payment amount. Once redirected to PayPal, please log in to your PayPal and complete payment if you have a PayPal account. If you don’t have a PayPal account, please proceed with the “Debit or Credit Card” option. In addition to the sales taxes, a PayPal fees of around 3% will be charged. We recommend this option only for payments less than US$1,500.