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Replacement Yurt Cover

When you buy a yurt from us, a standard exterior cover (plain white) is included in the package. There is no need to buy the cover separately unless you want an additional cover for reserve. 

If you need a cover for your Mongolian yurt that was not purchased from us, we supply custom-made yurt covers. Our covers are much durable than the thin cotton exterior covers typically supplied by yurt importers. These thin cotton covers wear out and are torn down easily in 1-3 years.

The covers are shipped from Mongolia to your country. Production of the cover for an average yurt takes 1-2 weeks. Shipping from Mongolia to your country takes approximately two weeks. 

We sell only plain white cover (without any decorations, as in the picture below)  because plain white covers do not fade in the sun quickly.  Prices start from US$ 900.  Prices change depending on the size of your yurt.

a Mongolian yurt cover
Replacement cover we offer (plain white - without any decoration)

We offer discounts on orders for two or more covers.  Please contact us for quotes for your yurt cover, shipping cost estimations, and any other questions.  If you are ready to place your order after communicating with us, please use our “How to Pay” page to make payments. We need specific measurements of your yurt in order to tailor the cover to fit your yurt. We will provide instructions for measurements after we receive the payments.  The accuracy of these measurements is very important for a good fit. We would like to ask you to be careful when taking the measurements and double-check. Please note that despite our best efforts, there could be some differences in fit as every yurt is made and built differently.