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Yurts available for sale in the U.S.  More yurts coming soon… 

22 ft (6.7 m) M2 Model

in wood color
$ 12,900 All taxes included. Shipping from Sacramento, CA
  • 380 sq.ft (35 sq.m) floor area
  • 2 windows
  • Double-layer felt insulation
  • Reflective insulation
  • Breathable layer
  • Transparent polycarbonate skylight
  • Transparent polycarbonate windows
  • Heavy-duty PVC outer cover
  • All parts included, except platform

Images are of actual yurt for sale before installing transparent polycarbonate windows and skylight finishes, and the fitting for chimney in the skylight. 

Additional info:

  • A combination of felt and reflective layers provides the best insulation compared with any yurt
  • The breathable layer protects the felt from moisture created inside the yurt & help prevent from mold
  • Windows & a skylight section can be opened for ventilation
  • 100% waterproof design
  • Outer cover made with 750 gsm PVC material with 10-year manufacturer  warranty
  • Fitting for the chimney in the skylight is a standard, allowing for a woodstove in the center of the yurt for optimal heat distribution 
  • Thick & sturdy wood parts (75% thickier than other Mongolian yurts)
  • Polycarbonate in the skylight and windows are 200 times stronger than glass, and has superior insulation property   
  • Water-based acrylic paint
  • For details, please check our Why Original Yurts page


Shipping & delivery:

The yurt is shipped from Sacramento, CA. The cost of shipping depends on the destination address. In most cases, the shipping cost is less than $1500 within 1000 miles range from Sacramento, CA. We offer shipping discounts if the destination is along / near the delivery route. In some cases, customers are asked to pick up the yurt at a nearby shipping terminal if the yurt is shipped using third-party shippers.

Taxes and fees: 

As the yurts are exported from Mongolia, and sold directly to customers, no  sales taxes will be charged. This makes our prices even more competitive. Prices displayed by other yurt makers are often before sales taxes. There is no optional features requiring extra fees as the yurt is already packed with the best features. The optional features offered by other sellers could be as high as 50% of their base prices. 

Transaction fees may incur depending on the form of payment you choose. If you pay using Wise.com, which we recommend, the transaction fee is less than $30 for most yurts. Payments by credit cards require a 3% charge. Wire transfer to our bank account will typically involve $30-$100 depending on the amount.

23 ft (6.9m) M2 Model

in brown color
$ 12,900
  • 402 sq.ft (37.4 sq.m) floor area
  • 2 windows next to the door
  • Double-layer felt insulation
  • Radiant insulation
  • Full acrylic skylight
  • Extra outer cover

Additional features: Operable windows |  Ventilation through the skylight & windows  |  Waterproof design | Heavy-duty outer cover | Option to place a woodstove at the center | Thick & sturdy wood parts | Double-layer paint & varnish