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Base Prices

Yurt prices depend on the size and model. Also the price changes if you choose to order an exterior cover decorated with various traditional patterns instead of our standard, plain white cover without any decorations.

Prices presented in the table are for our base model (Model M1) yurts with standard exterior cover in plain color without any decorations. M1 models are for traditional yurts with no windows.

Prices quoted in the table are at Sacramento, California, USA.  Cost of transportation within the U.S is not included. Please contact us for non-US prices.

Number of Wall PanelsDiameterFloor AreaPrice, US$
3 wall panels12′ (3.8m)122 sq.ft (11.3 sq.m)$3,300
4 wall panels16′ (4.8m)195 sq.ft (18.1 sq.m)$6,000
5 wall panels19′ (5.8m)284 sq.ft (26.4 sq.m)$7,500
6 wall panels21′ (6.4m)346 sq.ft (32.2 sq.m)$8,500
7 wall panels26′ (8.0m)531 sq.ft (50.2 sq.m)$13,900
8 wall panels28′ (8.8m)654 sq.ft (60.8 sq.m)$17,000
10 wall panels36′ (11m)1022 sq.ft (95.0 sq.m)$24,000
10+ wall panelsPlease contact us.

Order Early & Save Big

As yurts are shipped from Mongolia, it takes several months until they are delivered to you.  To compensate for the long wait time, we offer big discounts for early orders.

The amount of savings ranges from hundreds to thousands depending on how early you order.

  Only a 10% advance payment is required for early orders. What’s more, you can fully customize your yurt by placing an early order.

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