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A beautiful white yurt

We completed the final test assembly of a beautiful 8.0 m yurt made for a customer in Australia. The yurt is our M3 model, with three windows and water-based exterior

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Yurt exhibition - Inside overview

Yurt exhibition

A yurt exhibition was organized this week at the central square of the Mongolian Capital, Ulaanbaatar City. Mongolia consists of 21 provinces (called aimags) and the capital city. Each province

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U.S. delivery tour completed

Our delivery crew completed the 2023-2024 delivery tour travelling around 5,000 miles to reach customers in eight states. The crew helped some customers assemble their yurts when they had their

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The Earth Yurt

Our shipment arrived in the U.S. just before Christmas and our delivery crew is currently on a delivery tour reaching customers in eight states. They helped assemble a 22ft yurt

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New shipment to the U.S.

A shipment to the U.S. departed Mongolia a couple of weeks ago and is currently on a vessel sailing in the Pacific Ocean. We will start delivering yurts in early

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22ft yurt in wood color

22ft / 6.7m yurt

We completed the final test assembling of a 22ft / 6.7m yurt made for a customer in Pennsylvania, USA. The yurt is our M2 model with two front windows and

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customized yurt

19ft / 5.m customized yurt

This beautiful 19ft / 5.0m customized yurt was made for a customer in Oakland, California. It is our base model without any windows but customized with an inside door, which

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A new yurt with new paint

An 8m / 26ft yurt ready for shipment to Spain. We just introduced a new water-based wood color paint form summer 2023 production. Water-based acrylic paints protect the wood better,

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Our first yurt in the USA

This was our first yurt exported to the U.S. in 2010, assembled on a ranch in a beautiful mountain near Malibu, California. EG delivered and assembled two yurts in California

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