Original Mongolian Yurts

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Best Value for Money

Why Original Yurts?

Original Yurts provides the best value for your money

If you have come to a decision to buy a yurt, you have choices to buy a Mongolian yurt or a so-called Modern yurt. We explained the advantages and disadvantages of Mongolian yurts vs Modern yurts on our Mongolian vs Modern Yurts page. Once you decided on buying a Mongolian yurt, you may have options to choose what company you can buy from. Here, we explain why Original Yurts is the best choice for you.

Buying a Mongolian yurt from any company other than Original Yurts would be same as buying a nice looking used car with lots of problems. You will end up paying similar, slightly lower price than ours, but you will get a lot less value for your money and much more headache down the road.

The differences in quality may not be noticeable when the yurts are new, but the poor quality yurts sold by the intermediaries deteriorate just in 1-3 years.  Problems with low quality yurts:

  • The door would not close after the first rain
  • Water leak through the skylight unless you cover the skylight with “urkh” completely blocking the light and airflow
  • Unpleasant smell from the felt when it gets humid
  • The outer cover will get dirty in a few months and will start to tear in a year
  • The hinges and handles will rust
  • The paint will start to peel in two years. Once the paint peels, the wood will start to rot
  • The glue will not hold long, and the door will be broken in a few years

Even with the best of maintenance,  the low-quality yurts from the other sellers will be run-down in just 3-4 years. Original Yurts won’t have any of these problems.

No Intermediaries

All other sellers of Mongolian yurts are intermediaries, they buy cheap yurts in Mongolia and resell them to you at a huge margin. When you buy from us, you get unbeatable value for your money that comes from better materials and higher quality instead of paying for profit to the intermediaries.

Better material & quality & design

We only use the kiln dried wood, high quality, double-layer felt, durable outer cover. Wood parts in Original Yurts are 50-100% thicker than in other Mongolian Yurts. Our yurts are taller than other Mongolian yurts, 100% waterproof, operable windows and skylight opening allowing air circulation. In addition to the felt insulation, we use reflective insulation, as which is not available any other seller of Mongolian yurts. We use exterior grade glue imported from the U.S, and exterior grade paint. Scroll below to see all the great features that come with Original Yurts.

No Hidden Fees & Taxes

All prices you see on website are what you pay for the yurt, inclusive of taxes. There is no extra prices for any of the great features listed below because they come as standard on all of our yurts.When values of all the great features are counted, Original Yurts are priced much lower than poor quality yurts from other sellers.

Options to customize & Discounts

As the maker, we can customize the yurt in most ways you want. We offer discounts amounting to thousands of dollars for early and bulk orders.

The specifics.... What makes the Original Yurts stand out ?

Sturdier wood structure made of kiln-dried wood

Wood structures in Original Yurts are 50-100% thicker than in other Mongolian Yurts. In the photos, the thickness of the base of the skylight is compared as an example. Wood on Original Yurts is 75% thicker. All other wood parts in Original Yurts are sturdier.  

Our yurts are 100% made with wood dried in our own kiln exceeding the ISPM 15 compliance requirements (for disinfestation). Some of the yurts made in Mongolia are made of wood not dried properly, and this causes serious problems when wood gets dry during use. 

Thickness of the base ring of the skylight in Original Yurts = 10.5cm (~4.1'')
Thickness of the base of the skylights in other Mongolian Yurts = 6cm (~2.3'')

Double-layer, high quality felt insulation

Original Yurts have two layers of felt stitched together to improve insulation by creating a vacuum in between the layers. The felts are thoroughly washed and sterilized and do not emit unpleasant odor. 

Other Mongolian yurts mostly use so-called “black” felt, which indicates they are made of wool that is not washed properly and much cheaper than the felt we use.  The “black” felts emit very unpleasant odors when used in a humid environment. 


Felt in Original Yurts
Felt in most other Mongolian yurts

Full acrylic Skylight

The skylight in the Mongolian yurts is large, allowing plenty of natural light. There are various ways to waterproof the skylight. In Mongolia, skylights are always open and people use skylight cover or “urkh” every time it rains, which is cumbersome.

Most of the sellers of the Mongolian yurt resort to covering the skylight with cheap clear vinyl, which completely blocks airflow through the skylight.

The skylight or, “toono” in the Original Yurts is fully covered with thick transparent cast acrylic making the skylight fully waterproof while still allowing ventilation through a dedicated opening. This is at no extra cost. Some other sellers offer full acrylic skylight (but still not waterproof) as optional and charge $1500+ for an average yurt. 

Acrylic finish in Skylight in Original Yurts. It is transparent, and with hard surface like glass. Edges are sealed with sylicone, making the skylight 100% waterproof
Other yurts use this to cover the Skylight. This is a soft vinyl, tears down easily. As it blocks the air flow, condensation build up at the skylight gets worse. Some yurts do not have even this.

Reflective Insulation

Reflective insulation, or radiant barrier insulation, reflects the heat both ways and helps keep the yurt cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. 

Reflective insulation is the main insulation in modern yurts as they do not have felt.  None of the other Mongolian yurt sellers have reflective insulation.

We are the only company that offers both felt and reflective insulations, and our yurts have simply the best insulation. 

A 8-sec video shows how "reflective" the insulation is.

Reflective Insulation in Original Yurts

PVC outer cover with 10-year manufacturer warrenty

There is a trade-off between keeping the yurt breathable and having a good outer cover. The outer cover made of natural material help keep the yurt breathable, but they do not hold up well when exposed to the elements.  All other Mongolian yurts have thin cotton fabric outer cover that quickly gets dirty and moldy and tears down in 1-2 years. 

Original Yurts have PVC outer covers that with 10-year manufacturer warrenty. While PVC covers are not breathable, Original Yurts have operable windows and skylight openings for air circulation to let the moisture out. 

Original Yurts have PVC outer cover. Non-white colors available. PVC covers are easy to clean and much durable.
Thin cotton outer covers in other Mongolian yurts gets dirty quickly and do not last more than 2 years

Operable windows and Skylight opening

All windows on Original Yurts are operable; you can open and close them for air-circulation. 

Operable Windows 1000x1000px
Operable windows
Skylight opening for ventilation

Operable windows and skylight openings in Original Yurts allows good air circulation

None of the other yurts exported from Mongolia has operable windows and waterproof skylight

Tall walls

Mongolian traditional yurts generally have short walls because it helps to reduce the amount of energy needed to heat the yurt during the winter.  But other countries are nearly as cold as Mongolia, hence we increased the wall height to better serve the taste of our customers. 

Starting at 170cm (~5’8″), the walls in Original Yurts are 10 – 30cm (~ 4-12 inches) higher than other Mongolian yurts. 

Wall height comparison: Original Yurts
Wall height comparison: Other Mongolian yurts