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How to Buy?

Thank you very much for your interest. As the yurt is not a shelf item, we would like to provide informed recommendations based on your needs.

  1. Please check our “Yurts for Sale” page to see what yurts are available in stock in your country. If we do not have the yurt you want in stock,  you can place order for our next shipment.
  2. Please check our catalog for available models,  size and color to place an order for our next shipment.
  3. Contact us  specifying the model, size and the number of yurts you need, and when and where (country, state, city) you need the yurt(s). We will respond with information on availability, prices, and answers to your questions. 

If the specifications described in our catalog do not match your needs, custom orders are possible.

Please also check our “What are Included” page for a description of components to be included in the order,  and “Why Original Yurts?” page for why choosing our product is a good decision. For payment instructions, please visit our “How to Pay” page. 

What are included in your order ?

Everything except the platform. 

Our yurts comes as complete set with all the wood parts and soft fabrics.

In addition, full-plexiglass skylight finish, sun-blocker for the skylight, crank for opening skylight ventilator come as standard. 

If you get your platform ready before the yurts arrives, our delivery team makes their best to help with raising the yurt.  

Get in touch

Please fill in the form and send us a non-committal inquiry. We will get back to you with availability, expected delivery date, and costs.

Or, simply send us an email describing what you are interested in.

Thank you !

We will get back to you shortly.