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Painted vs. Carved

Mongolian yurts can be placed into two categories with regard to the extent of decorations on wooden frames:
  • Painted yurts
  • Carved yurts

Painted yurts: The rafters, crown, door, and central columns (pillars) of this yurt are painted with traditional decorative patterns. Painted yurts come in a various color and embellishments. Painted yurts are our main product. Please check our catalog different color options.  Painted yurts can be produced in all sizes described in our  “Yurt Size” page.

Carved yurts: The rafters, crown, door, and central columns (pillars) of this yurt are carved with traditional decorative patterns. In Mongolia, carved yurts are used mainly for ceremonial events. 

As the carving requires much more labor, skills, and experience from carpenters, hand-carved yurts are 2-5 times expensive than painted yurts. It also takes a lot longer to make the carved yurts. There is a great variation in the types of carving, and skills required for carving as you can see from the album below. With the development of CNC machines, some carvings can be done using machines. Machine carved yurts are generally much cheaper than hand-carved yurts. 

Carved yurts can be produced in sizes of six, eight, and ten wall panels.  We make the carved yurts only on special orders. Please contact us with your intended use and preferred size for quotes on carved yurts. 

Order Early & Save Big

As yurts are shipped from Mongolia, it takes several months until they are delivered to you.  To compensate for the long wait time, we offer big discounts for early orders.

The amount of savings ranges from hundreds to thousands depending on how early you order.

  Only a 10% advance payment is required for early orders. What’s more, you can fully customize your yurt by placing an early order.

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