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Yurt Size

No. of wall
Diameter (ft / m)Floor Area (sq.ft)Floor Area (sq.m)
3 panels12' / 3.7m113 sq.ft11 sq.m
4 panels16' / 4.9m201 sq.ft19 sq.m
5 panels19' / 5.8m283 sq.ft26 sq.m
6 panels22' / 6.7m380 sq.ft35 sq.m
7 panels26' / 7.9m531 sq.ft49 sq.m
8 panels29' / 8.8m660 sq.ft61 sq.m
10 panels36' / 11.0m1017 sq.ft95 sq.m
10+ panelsPlease contact us. Yurts with more than 10 wall panels can be made to order.