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Yurt Size

No. of wall
Diameter (ft / m)Floor Area (sq.ft) Floor Area (sq.m)
3 panels12' / 3.7m113 sq.ft11 sq.m
4 panels16' / 4.9m201 sq.ft19 sq.m
5 panels19' / 5.8m283 sq.ft26 sq.m
6 panels22' / 6.7m380 sq.ft35 sq.m
7 panels26' / 7.9m531 sq.ft49 sq.m
8 panels29' / 8.8m660 sq.ft61 sq.m
10 panels36' / 11.0m1017 sq.ft95 sq.m
10+ panelsPlease contact us. Yurts with more than 10 wall panels can be made to order.

In order to demonstrate differences in internal space for various-sized yurts,  tentative floor plans are presented below. We hope this will give you a better idea of how the space can be used and how the different yurt sizes can meet your needs.  The same (sized) furniture has been included in each plan to provide a consistent comparison.  

16ft / 4.9 m yurt

19ft / 5.8 m yurt

22ft / 6.7 m yurt

26ft / 7.9 m yurt

29ft / 8.8 m yurt

36ft / 11 m yurt