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A new yurt with new paint

Blog 21 - 8m yurt to Spain - outside

An 8m / 26ft yurt ready for shipment to Spain. We just introduced a new water-based wood color paint form summer 2023 production. Water-based acrylic paints protect the wood better, last longer under sunlight exposure, and are easier to restore. They also show wood grains.

The inside can either be painted in solid colors with traditional motif decorations or painted with water-based paints in matching colors.

The customer who ordered this yurt wanted to have the inside painted in solid white and decorated with a traditional Mongolian motif, and the result is beautiful.

On the wood frame, the yurt has five layers of fabrics, including an inner layer, a breathable layer, felt, reflective insulation, and a PVC outer cover. None of the other yurt producers has this setup. The PVC outer cover comes with ten years of manufacturer warranty. The combination of felt and reflective insulations provides insulation matched by none other on yurts. The breathable layer protects the felt from moisture created inside from cooking, etc. The cotton inner layer in white provides a clean background for wood paints.

The skylight and windows are fully covered in transparent PC sheets, which are hard to break. Both windows have sections that can be opened for ventilation.

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