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Making yurts for 2023 shipments

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Making of yurts for the 2023 shipments to the U.S. is progressing well. We will ship mostly 19ft and 21ft yurts this time, but a few larger sizes are available for order. Custom color options are available for orders placed before June 1. Please get in touch to place an order.

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The largest Mongolian yurt

We delivered and helped assemble possibly the largest Mongolian yurt (outside of Mongolia), which measures 11m (36ft), and a smaller 5.8m (19ft) yurt in Swansea, Tasmania, Australia. The large yurt

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The first yurt in Australia

Our very first yurt in Australia was assembled yesterday in the beautiful forest in Laguna, NSW. We thank Sharon Jacobson for her business and our best wishes to enjoy her

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Shipment arrived in Australia

Our shipment arrived in Sydney Australia. In the next few days, we will be delivering and helping customers assemble their yurts in throughout Eastern Australian Mainland and Tasmania. Looking forward

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