New shipment to the U.S.

A shipment to the U.S. departed Mongolia a couple of weeks ago and is currently on a vessel sailing in the Pacific Ocean. We will start delivering yurts in early December. We have a few yurts still available for order on the shipment. We are offering a 10% off sale until November 30, 2023 on […]

22ft / 6.7m yurt

22ft yurt in wood color

We completed the final test assembling of a 22ft / 6.7m yurt made for a customer in Pennsylvania, USA. The yurt is our M2 model with two front windows and painted in wood color with water-based acrylic paint, which shows beautiful wood grain.

19ft / 5.m customized yurt

customized yurt

This beautiful 19ft / 5.0m customized yurt was made for a customer in Oakland, California. It is our base model without any windows but customized with an inside door, which is typically used for ceremonial gers in Mongolia. The outside of the door is painted with water-based acrylic paint in teak color, which we introduced […]

A new yurt with new paint

An 8m / 26ft yurt ready for shipment to Spain. We just introduced a new water-based wood color paint form summer 2023 production. Water-based acrylic paints protect the wood better, last longer under sunlight exposure, and are easier to restore. They also show wood grains. The inside can either be painted in solid colors with […]

Making yurts for 2023 shipments

Making of yurts for the 2023 shipments to the U.S. is progressing well. We will ship mostly 19ft and 21ft yurts this time, but a few larger sizes are available for order. Custom color options are available for orders placed before June 1. Please get in touch to place an order.

Receiving orders for 2023 Australia shipment

We are shipping to Sydney, Australia again in November 2023, and are receiving early orders for the shipment and offering the following discounts: A down payment of 30% is required for early orders. The before-discount prices are the AUD equivalent of the prices on our catalog. Prices listed on the catalog include the costs of […]

The largest Mongolian yurt

We delivered and helped assemble possibly the largest Mongolian yurt (outside of Mongolia), which measures 11m (36ft), and a smaller 5.8m (19ft) yurt in Swansea, Tasmania, Australia. The large yurt will be the main living space for our customers, Jackie and Mark Lewises, and the smaller yurt will be a guest bedroom. The two yurts […]

The first yurt in Australia

Our very first yurt in Australia was assembled yesterday in the beautiful forest in Laguna, NSW. We thank Sharon Jacobson for her business and our best wishes to enjoy her yurts for years to come.

Shipment arrived in Australia

Our shipment arrived in Sydney Australia. In the next few days, we will be delivering and helping customers assemble their yurts in throughout Eastern Australian Mainland and Tasmania. Looking forward to meeting with our new customers.

Australia shipment on the way

We sent our shipment to Sydney, Australia in August. It will travel a long way; from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia to Tianjin, China by rail and then to Sydney by sea. This particular shipment will be trans-loaded in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. We expect the shipment to reach Sydney in October or early November. EG will be in Sydney […]

A 10,000 miles journey – the Delivery Tour -completed

“A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step,” said Laozi, a Chinese philosopher. With some misuse of the phrase, a journey of 10,000 miles starts with emails from customers for us. EG completed a nearly 10,000 miles delivery tour visiting 18 U.S states. It was not an easy task, but this year we […]

Naadam Greetings & Delivery

Naadam Greetings from Syracuse, Indiana, USA. Naadam day was a work day for EG and Kellen. EG delivered and helped set up a large 26ft yurt to Syracuse, Indiana. Sarah and Kellen ordered their yurt almost 1.5 years earlier, and have been very gracious despite the delays we’ve had in shipping this year. In appreciation, […]

Greetings & Delivery tour

July 4th greetings from Eagle, Colorado. EG delivered the last yurt on the first leg of his delivery tour to Eagle, Colorado. Thank you so much to our customers in Washington, Montana, and Colorado for your business and patience during the shipping delays caused by Covid-19. EG will be continuing his delivery tour in the […]

Receiving orders for 2023 U.S Shipment

We currently do not have any yurts in stock in the U.S. Our next shipment to California is expected to leave Mongolia in August 2023, and we are receiving early orders for the shipment. We offer discounts amounting to thousands for Early orders. A down payment of 30% is required for early orders. The balance […]

Shipping delays 2021-2022

2021-2022 has been a challenging period for us to ship our products. Mongolia has only two shipping routes to the rest of the world; either through China or Russia. The main route is through China, our containers are first shipped to Tianjin port city in the northeast of China and then loaded on an ocean […]

Australia 2022 shipment

We are shipping a container to Sydney, Australia in June 2022 thanks to orders from several valued customers. We will have some 4-6 panel yurts still available for order as of March 2022. Customers who placed an order by April will be eligible for early order discounts and have the option to customize the color. […]

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