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The largest Mongolian yurt

the largest mongolian yurt 36ft

We delivered and helped assemble possibly the largest Mongolian yurt (outside of Mongolia), which measures 11m (36ft), and a smaller 5.8m (19ft) yurt in Swansea, Tasmania, Australia.

The large yurt will be the main living space for our customers, Jackie and Mark Lewises, and the smaller yurt will be a guest bedroom. The two yurts will be connected later by an annexation with an entranceway and bathroom.

Thanks to a gantry made by Mark for setting up the yurt, raising the huge 2.3m skylight (toono) went without much hurdles, and assembling of the two yurts was completed in two days.

We thank Mark and Jackie for their business, and hospitality and wish them many years of happy yurt-living.

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