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Making yurts to order for shipment to Europe.

Currently, we do not have yurts in stock in Europe.  Yurts can be made to order in 1-2 months and shipped to Europe in 3 – 8 weeks. Please contact us to place an order after checking our catalog

5.8 meter, M2 model (Yurt 23345)

White outer cover, teak paint

Price: US$  10,900

Shipping from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia is  not included

  • 283 square foot (26 sq.m) floor area
  • Two front windows
  • Double-layer felt insulation
  • Reflective insulation
  • Moisture barrier
  • Transparent polycarbonate skylight
  • Transparent polycarbonate windows
  • Heavy-duty PVC outer cover with 10 year manufacturer material warranty
  • Curtain for the skylight

Images are of actual yurt for sale before installing transparent polycarbonate windows, skylight finishes, and the chimney flashing in the skylight. Rafters are painted in (yellow) wood  color. The door, windows, skylight, and pillars are in teak color.

Shipping & delivery (Europe):

Yurts are directly shipped from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.  There are two ways to ship: either through air or land.  We can ship by air to Berlin, Germany, which takes about a week. Thanks to a long-terms  agreement we have with a shipper,  freight cost for the air shipment is very competitive. 

We can also ship by land to Germany. Shipment by land takes about 45 days. An average cost by land shipping is about 2000 Euros. 

Taxes and fees (Europe): 

As the yurts are exported from Mongolia, and sold directly to customers, no  sales taxes will be charged. Although yurts should be allowed duty free to the EU under the GSP treatment, customers are required to pay import duties in some cases. 

Transaction fees may incur depending on the form of payment you choose. If you pay using Wise.com, which we recommend, the transaction fee is less than $30 for most yurts. Payments by credit cards require a 3% charge. Wire transfer to our bank account will typically involve $30-$100 depending on the amount.

Details on the great features...

Details on the great features that come as standard on all of our yurts:

  • A combination of felt and reflective layers provides the best insulation compared with any yurt. “Modern” yurts have poor insulation from heat/cold and noise because none of them have felt on them.   None of other Mongolian yurts have reflective insulation, and they use poorly washed felt that emits odors when it absorbs humidity. We use dense, factory washed felt. 
  • The moisture barrier protects the felt from moisture created inside the yurt and help prevent mold. None of the other yurts have this layer;
  • Windows and a skylight section can be opened for ventilation;
  • 100% waterproof design;
  • Outer cover made with 750gsm PVC material with 10-year manufacturer  warranty. None of the other Mongolian yurts have PVC outer cover. They mostly have cotton outer cover, which deteriorates just in 1-2 years;
  • Fitting for the chimney through the skylight allows for placing a woodstove in the center of the yurt for optimal heat distribution. The fitting allows for chimney of various diameter;
  • Thick & sturdy wood parts (75% thicker than other Mongolian yurts);
  • Transparent and semitransparent polycarbonate in the skylight and windows are 200 times stronger than glass, and has superior insulation; property. None of other yurts have polycarbonate skylight & window finishes;
  • Water-based acrylic paint. Water-based acrylic paints better protect the wood from elements than any other paint, and are easier to restore;
  • For more info, please check our Why Original Yurts and Mongolian vs. Modern Yurt pages.